Cong Tri Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

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Good Food

Givaudan develops natural nitrate alternative for processed meat

The new solution, NaNino+, leverages natural ingredients to provide what Givaudan describes as ‘a lasting multi-sensorial food experience’ with ‘great taste, colour and freshness’.The need for nitrite-free optionsNitrite is a common preservative in meat products. Known as E250 in the European Union, the additive is frequently used to give cured meats like bacon a pink…

Crypto News

African Nations Resisting Bitcoin Only Delay The Inevitable

There are two forward-looking countries on Earth when it comes to Bitcoin: El Salvador and the Central African Republic. These two very different countries on different sides of the globe have both come to the same conclusion: Bitcoin is the best money ever invented and embracing it early will be beneficial both for the people…

Five Stalls That Caught My Attention At Bitcoin 2022’s Bitcoin Bazaar

Bitcoin 2022 was home to high-profile keynotes, announcements and panel discussions. But the plebs had their spotlight as well. The Bitcoin Bazaar was the place to get to know some of the most interesting projects in Bitcoin merch — not necessarily world-changing but definitely uplifting.Panties For Bitcoin“BTC — Be Truly Confident”— Panties for BitcoinWhat I…