2023 NFL Mock Draft: Will Anderson Jr. goes No. 1, C.J. Stroud first of six QBs off the board in Round 1

It’s time for our first look at next year’s draft … and it comes less than 48 hours after the end of this year’s draft

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It’s never too early to put out a mock draft, right? (The other side of that argument, of course, is that it’s always too early because, invariably, they’re wrong — but that’s not the point. Look at it this way: how else would you spend all those hours reserved for anger-tweeting at us?)

Maybe a better way to look at this is not as a mock draft — “Here’s who your team will take 51 weeks from now having no idea how the current roster and subsequent season unfolds” — but as a guide to the college players you should keep an eye on in 2023 for the 2023 NFL Draft. And while the ’22 draft was short on first-round quarterback talents, that should change in the coming months with C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young and possibly 5-6 other passers who could emerge as top-32 possibilities.

Three years ago, Chase Young was the clearcut No. 1 pick 12 months ahead of the 2020 draft and then Joe Burrow happened. As we sit here, Will Anderson Jr. and Jalen Carter certainly feel like they’re in the driver’s seat for that top selection. But as you know, a lot can happen in 52 weeks.

One other thing, and this is important: the draft order below was determined using SportsLine’s Super Bowl odds but in reverse order. We know folks are going to be very angry about why we have their team picking so high, but it’s not our fault! These are your team’s odds of winning a Lombardi Trophy.

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