90 Day’s Natalie Plans Trip to See Ex Mike After He Helps Her Mom

Josh Weinstein isn’t the only man in Natalie Mordovtseva‘s life.

The 90 Day: The Single Life star is planning a trip to visit her ex, Mike Youngquist, after he aided her mom in fleeing Ukraine.

In an exclusive preview for Monday night’s episode, Natalie speaks about her family’s safety amid the war between Russia and Ukraine. Natalie, who now resides in Florida, revealed that her ex paid for her mother to evacuate her home country — and Natalie is grateful.


Two weeks after Russia’s first attack, Natalie reveals that her mother has left the country. “Thank God I was able to help my mom escape,” she says in the clip, added her mother is now residing in a rented apartment in Bulgaria. Now, her mother is waiting for her refugee visa to be approved so she can move to America.

“My mom cannot go home because it’s not safe. We lost our home,” she adds.

She speaks highly of her ex. “In my opinion, Mike is a great guy because when the war started, he helped us. He helped you,” she says, translated to English. “In fact, I was able to buy you a ticket. He helped a lot.”

That doesn’t mean Mike and Natalie were on great terms when the war started. But he quickly showed his support for her family. “After not speaking with Michael for five months, he reached out and said ‘Where is your mom? How can I help?'” Natalie says. “He would come several times to Ukraine and he cared for my mom. With this money he gave me, we got ticket for her. She flew to Bulgaria because of Michael. Thank God. Michael is a hero and I love him for that.”

Now, it looks like there could be a reunion for the pair. Natalie books a ticket to see Mike in Seattle and tells her mom he wants to talk. “I want to go back to Michael to apologize for leaving,” she says. “Also, when I left Sequim, I left my birth certificate, my passport, my clothes.”

Mike and Natalie first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé season 8. As Natalie moved to America from Ukraine on her K-1 visa, the pair discovered some major incompatibilities — like Natalie’s desire for children (when Mike wanted none) and his inability to change his diet to support her pescatarian lifestyle.


The pair split, and Natalie has been searching for love — and someone to father her children — ever since. Her latest romantic interest is Josh, a businessman who Natalie thinks doesn’t give her enough of his time. Last week’s episode of The Single Life showed Natalie laying out her expectations, which include kids down the road. Josh left with a lot to consider and a promise they’d talk about their future soon.

Josh’s presence is still on her mind as she books the flight to Seattle. “There is a problem,” Natalie admits. “I’m still dating Josh. But Josh never offered his help. When it comes to Michael, no matter how we parted, I can’t escape the fact that he’s a part of my life.”

“Michael is in my heart,” Natalie admits.

Whether Mike’s involvement with Natalie’s family will change the course of her relationship with Josh has yet to be seen.

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90 Day: The Single Life airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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