Marine Serre Spring 2023 Menswear

“It’s about being present. Putting down your phone. Being with your friends and people you love. Seeing the sun go down and feeling the wind and having a party. Not just a 10-minute show. With all these people coming, I just wanted to give them a good time and to feel like a community—and honestly


Good Food

Consumer appetite for unhealthy food remains strong, poll reveals: ‘This demonstrates the need for brands to innovate’

New research by innovation intelligence platform Vypr has identified that despite planned changes to product promotions, 89% of consumers say they would still buy sweets or chocolate if they weren’t on offer. Despite this, most consumers think that less fat, sugar and salt is a good idea with 71% of those surveyed positive about reducing

Crypto News

Why My Energy Company Pays Me For Running A Bitcoin Miner At Home

Decentralization is a core ethos of Bitcoin. In this article, I will discuss the importance of keeping Bitcoin mining decentralized with widespread, small-scale mines. The future is competitive.Large Bitcoin mines have economies-of-scale advantages and are able to be set up in jurisdictions with the lowest power costs. While large-scale mines do play an important role

How The Qualities Of Bitcoin Baffle Nocoiners

This is an opinion editorial by Rowdy Yates, a former Marine and practicing lawyer. What’s It Backed By?One of the most common criticisms from nocoiners remains, “But bitcoin isn’t backed by anything.” This criticism targets bitcoin’s dearth of a quality that I term “correlated-redeemability.” The most common rejoinder to this criticism is, “Your U.S. dollar

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