A Step-by-Step Guide to Bodystep Les Mills Training

Bodystep Les Mills is a popular training program that combines elements of aerobics, strength training, and cardio. If you’re wondering what such a workout looks like and how to prepare for it, this guide is for you. We’ve prepared a step-by-step description of Bodystep Les Mills training.

1. Preparing for the Training

Before starting Bodystep Les Mills training, make sure you have the appropriate clothing and footwear. Choose comfortable, breathable clothes and sports shoes that hold your feet well. Also, remember to bring a water bottle and a towel – the workout is intense, and hydration is key.

2. Warm-up

Every Bodystep Les Mills workout begins with a warm-up. The goal is to prepare your muscles and joints for the effort and to raise your heart rate. The warm-up usually includes simple steps on the step and stretching exercises.

3. Main Part of the Training

The main part of Bodystep Les Mills training is a combination of aerobic and strength exercises. The classes are divided into blocks, each focusing on a different muscle group. During the workout, you’ll use a step on which you’ll perform various steps and combinations. The exercises are intense and dynamic, but you can always adjust their level to your abilities.

4. Strength Exercises

During Bodystep Les Mills training, you’ll also do strength exercises. These can be squats, push-ups, or exercises using weights. The goal is to strengthen muscles and improve your physique.

5. Stretching and Relaxation

At the end of every Bodystep Les Mills workout, there’s time for stretching and relaxation. This is a moment when you can calm your breath, stretch the working muscles, and relax after the effort.

Bodystep Les Mills is a workout that provides a comprehensive training for the whole body. Thanks to this guide, you now know what to expect. However, remember that every workout is different and always tailored to the group. So don’t be afraid to try and join the community of Bodystep Les Mills enthusiasts!

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