Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan makes NBA history with 35-point scoring streak not even Wilt Chamberlain could match


DeMar DeRozan scored 38 points in the Chicago Bulls‘ 125-118 win over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night. In doing so, he shot 16-for-27 from the field. Put those two stats together, and it marks the seventh consecutive game in which DeRozan has tallied at least 35 points on at least 50-percent shooting. 

That’s an NBA record.

The previous record of six consecutive 35-point/50-percent games was held by Wilt Chamberlain, whose mark DeRozan tied with a 40-point effort in a win over San Antonio on Monday. Here’s a look at DeRozan’s last seven stat lines. 

It goes without saying what an incredible achievement this is for any player. But for a guy who relies almost entirely on jump shots? And typically pretty contested jump shots at that? This is silly. 

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DeRozan has been nothing short of awesome all season. There are so many worthy MVP candidates this season that it’s hard to say where exactly DeRozan belongs in the conversation, but he belongs somewhere. He has played at an MVP level. No doubt about that. 

Even with Lonzo Ball missing the last month and Alex Caruso missing the last three weeks, not to mention a two-week Zach Lavine absence sprinkled in as well, the Bulls have managed to tread water at 12-11 over their last 22 games. 

Thanks to the cushion they built up early in the season, Chicago, as of Wednesday night, still owns the Eastern Conference’s No. 1 seed by percentage points over Miami. 

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