Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2023

If last season the Diane von Furstenberg team looked to the archives, this season, they had their eyes set to the present day and the future. A new range of surrealist prints joins the roster of DVF stalwarts like vintage florals and geometric tiles, like their new “eye of the rose” print. “It’s a rose but if you look closely, it also looks like an eye,” said Gabby Hirata, the CEO at DVF. “The whole collection is playful like this, and the prints are very much conversation [starters].”

Even though the DVF team is looking to the future in their rebrand, their signature pieces that have been in the making for 50 years, like the puff sleeve minis, mesh midis, and iconic wrap dresses, remain at the heart of the collection. Most of all, their muse remains Diane von Furstenberg. “All of my prints and designs are in my archive,” the designer herself explained. “I put it all in the vault so that my young team, my young CEO, and my young creatives could follow the codes, but do it in their own way,” explained von Furstenberg. Her functional and affordable evening wear, which has been one of DVF’s best-selling pieces post-pandemic, returns in classic jerseys in a palette of classic reds, royal blues, midnight blacks, and lace prints just in time for the holidays.

“I always wanted to focus on the woman I wanted to be,” von Furstenbeg recalled. “Then I became the woman I wanted to be, and I became that woman because of the dress that I would go and sell to women all around the world.” The current-day DVF team seems to be following the playbook that’s worked so well for Diane. These days the team might be younger, but the design mantra remains the same.

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