The Bitcoin Honey Badger Voting Bloc

The Bitcoin Honey Badger Voting Bloc.

The aptitude voting power of Bitcoiners must no longer be underestimated by those having a gape to the long jog.

Throw 100 cyber-hornets reliable into a voting sales location and so that they’ll sting every more than just a few to loss of life with 100 viewpoints. Throw 100 cyber-hornets reliable into a room with a Bitcoin-hater fancy Nassim Taleb (who in my idea attacks Lyn Alden???) and we can sting him to insanity. That’s the vitality we now like got if we turn out to be a unique power for advancing Bitcoin. Ample with the Pink versus Blue. It’s time for the Orange Party.

“Repair the Money, Repair the World.” Effectively, our politicians favor us centered on the trivialities of fixing the field whereas they degrade our money and remove our wealth.

FULL STOP. Let’s fix the money first, then we can internet help to bickering about purple versus blue insurance policies. Smartly suited per chance, within the system of fixing the money lets procure out that many of the insurance policies we fought over like resolved themselves or like had their impacts reduced. Smartly suited per chance, our society can turn out to be more civil within the system. How scheme we internet there?

“Bitcoin” wants to behave fancy a honey badger, no longer factual within the financial and community arenas however furthermore within the political field of battle. The reason an animal displays its power earlier than conflict is to indicate the agonize that would possibly perchance befall its aggressor if an attack is undertaken. If cooler heads don’t prevail, both would possibly perchance also furthermore be wounded and, in some cases, mortally so. Which means that fact, most animal engagements birth and terminate with these modes of verbal replace – snarls and aggression displays.

What am I asserting right here? We don’t want Karens screeching into the phone disturbing to be in contact with their senator. What we wish is 10,000 Chads and Staceys flippantly explaining to their senators the virtues of innovation, human freedoms, and financial inclusivity. Our articulate is to invent them hear your reasoned arguments. Our aggressive indicate is to invent them label you will donate to of us who help Bitcoin, no matter political affiliation.

That’s gorgeous, no matter political affiliation. This can notice into their brains that we are political mercenaries that would possibly circulation money into the coffers of Bitcoin-friendly politicians. That’s the system to invent this whisk bipartisan sooner.

View on the “infrastructure” bill’s spoil and payouts to steal votes. This bill modified into once written by lobbyists and paid for by our future.

We don’t like an navy of lobbyers but, however what we scheme like is an estimated 46 million American citizens that maintain bitcoin.

Granted, most potentially don’t just like the passion or data we now like got, however as Quantity Scoot Up Expertise takes off they’ll be forced to care. We would like politicians to label now that after they threaten Bitcoin miners, developers, wallets, and nodes, then they threaten ALL OF US.

When a honey badger is threatened, it SHOWS its aggressor that it methodology commerce and backs it up, tearing the aggressor apart without remorse. It’s time we display our politicians what we are.

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