The Hero’s Hump: Official Digital IDs For Bitcoin

The Hero’s Hump: Creating Official Digital IDs And Custom-made Engagement For Bitcoin Decentralized/Dispensed Systems


Quite about a Bitcoin podcast discussions possess ended in the inevitable “wall,” a wall which, to this level, has now not been penetrated and its adjacent territory explored. I’m referring to the existential search data from of how “Bitcoinization” in actuality manifests for each individual, whereas legacy monetary infrastructure and social constructions disintegrate. It’s one sigh to romanticize how our contemporary society will one way or the opposite magically proceed out of the ashes adore some unburned, proud and polished phoenix and quite one other to face the precise-existence, gruesome hurdles facing us.

The deeply embedded detritus of legacy fiat pondering and behaviors cease now not merely fade. In actuality, as we transition to the bitcoin comparable outdated and the working other people of highly developed, industrialized countries become squeezed and further impoverished all the draw thru the deflationary despair (uncover Jeff Sales space, “The Designate of The following day”), social unrest will erupt, and inevitably, Bitcoin itself is at threat of be blamed and considered by many because the wrongdoer of the collective danger. It doesn’t bewitch profound foresight to foretell that many such other people, on the lookout for blame and uncomplicated solutions, would possibly maybe search data from rather more centralization and preserve watch over thru the perceived safety score of an increasingly more more highly effective authoritarian speak.

Will sigh in Bitcoin infrastructure adoption magically and fleet transform the superstructure of human organizational plan and engagement in some new corresponding draw à la “repair the cash, repair the arena”? Or are we doomed to merely “faux and extend” by covering primitive fiat social engagement plan on top of this contemporary monetary foundation and naively hope all of it smooths out one way or the opposite? How can we greater attune the adoption of Bitcoin’s decentralized/disbursed monetary infrastructure with an empowered, Bitcoin-outlined social superstructure? Will our digital ID proceed to be calm of completely aim data (cold data), whereas our subjective experiences (warm data) remain devalued? How can we toughen and broaden individual self-sovereignty thru Bitcoin engagement plan?

While the Bitcoin meme “repair the cash, repair the arena” supplies a simplified solution, this paper and its described superstructure functions leer to penetrate the territory the set apart contemporary Bitcoin “opinion leaders” and builders possess but to uncover. Optimistically, we are in a position to abet steer sure of a mistaken however maybe very precise collective public response for a stronger totalitarian centralization of energy. We cease this by empowering the individual with the parable, mentors and experiences of non-public accountability and self-sovereignty, which toughen and lead to constructing individual instruments to authentically recreate a notice-to-notice creator economy. We must the least bit times become self-empowered entrepreneurs and creators. Think “decentralized, designer craftsmanship.”

For this to emerge, we must the least bit times transfer against a new disintermediated, hyper-personalized engagement plan which begins and ends with each queer individual.

Nevertheless, earlier than we salvage to the set apart we’re going, we have to know the set apart we’ve been and what we’re currently facing. Utilizing seductive carrot-stick reward programs and enticements, other people possess prolonged been objectified and manipulated by legacy engagement programs. Such “addictive plan” ideas can no doubt drive behaviors — thru advertising, gaming, social media and more — however at a elephantine mark to the individual. Unfortunately, such concentrated behaviorism and operant conditioning, now blended with emergent tech, possess contributed to disabling and disempowering our formative years. Judgmental, performance-basically basically based exogenous validation programs and its mindless FOMO (grief of missing out) possess helped make an dread-ridden, dependent and emotionally fragile generation. These young adults possess from unprecedented levels of crippling psychological/emotional illness in crisis proportions, now exacerbated by most in vogue COVID-19 lock downs. Danger and despair, obsessive-compulsive considerations, self-danger, dependancy considerations, violence and suicide levels are off the charts. We’re within the middle of an unprecedented crisis in psychological sickness, and it’s miles currently underpinned and reinforced by exploitive, centralized engagement plan. As Nora Bateson has talked about, “We possess got to de-industrialize and re-animate.”

Insular, inflexible groupthink communities can provide a perceived “valid haven” with adore-minded other people, however they furthermore search data from their acquire slender conformity. Groupthink can detract us from coming to know our queer selves and constructing upon our innate expertise. It can possess to preclude us from constructing brilliant communities richly thriving in selection and mettlesome creativity. Finally, there would possibly be nothing more emotionally declaring than being seen by one other for who we no doubt are — our respectable, an valuable selves. We cease now not without jam neglect such profoundly necessary experiences of being authentically seen and validated.

Firms which refuse to further exploit the vulnerabilities of our formative years, and as an replacement empower them with respectable engagement to earn and develop their queer expertise, and be authentically seen for his or her queer selves, can bring contemporary, excessive mark. Hedonic escapism would possibly maybe provide temporary reduction however fixes nothing. We live in highly extenuating times necessitating interior resources and abilities to resiliently adapt and recreate our draw out of grief.


Media and its whine distribution possess historically centered on the vogue to preserve watch over and incentivize other people to ponder a sure draw or prefer, hold and exhaust things they maybe would otherwise now not be drawn to. All forms of user manipulation ideas were feeble over time, now resulting in a user hardened by fraudulent data, fraudulent engagement, fraudulent relationships, fraudulent merely correctness and more. Of us in actuality feel worse than weary or indignant. We’re numb.

Centrally sourced whine messaging is suspect. It cannot be trusted. It’s inauthentic. We’re objectified and hustled. Early life this present day don’t merely prefer more stuff. They prefer experiences.

What other people prefer now more than something else are the experiences of respectable engagement, which draw, motive and expression. These sought-after emotions of self-determinism and respectable engagement are currently now not impressed or supported by exogenous marketing sources. In actuality, such emotions can completely be self-generated and cultivated from interior every person. Those who opt to reach a more self-empowered speak can desire non-public accountability to domesticate such instruments to abet them salvage there. Why shouldn’t social, gaming and marketing identify, address and broaden upon what is most desired intrinsically by the buyer and provide the methodologies for getting there? In so doing, is that this now not offering respectable and timely “mark” to the buyer?

James Andrews is head of product at Genies, and author of “Self-Expression, Spirituality and Gen Z.” He expresses properly the mandate for the contemporary, self-sovereign digital identification, its search data from for empowered self-knowing and respectable engagement. He asks, “What happens despite the actual fact that whereas you’ll likely be in a position to possess a total generation chasing their respectable selves?”

“The Fix”: Marketing For Decentralized/Dispensed Bitcoin Applied sciences

So, how does the contemporary Bitcoin market of engagement attune to each queer individual, whereas furthermore delivering highly curated and personalized, respectable and valuable engagement experiences to that individual? What is relevant or inspirational for one person would possibly maybe now not be for one other. Not every person engages the comparable draw. “The repair” is now not hide within the usage of some contemporary expertise overlayed with comparable-primitive legacy plan methodologies completely to kind within the same model wretched outcomes. “The repair” is the usage of Bitcoin technologies integrating biomimetic engagement plan focusing on the queer individual and now not compelling the individual to contort to a standardized platform.

On the present time’s plan “meta model” is readily intelligent from industrial-generation centralization to digital-generation decentralized and disbursed programs. The final public, open-source foundational settlement layer, Bitcoin, is seeing rapidly adoption globally and is experiencing a mass migration from centralized websites to a decentralized/disbursed and disintermediated internet layer the set apart all engagement would be monetized, streaming to the seconds. There is a rapidly birthing of Layer 2 and 3 notice-to-notice engagement programs built on top of, pegged to or facet-chained that disintermediate legacy third events whereas empowering the queer individual. And unlike legacy/centralized sites (“the Boomer’s internet”), this disbursed plan has capacities to now curate and hyper-personalize merchandise, products and companies and experiences to the queer individual in a dynamic inspirational and aspirational system.

So, how can we cease this? How can we transfer from top-down, standardized, industrial-generation plan to focusing on the digital personalization of the queer, highly nuanced individual in a huge, personalized draw? What new matrix biomimetic to our acquire human biologic plan would be feeble for such individuation going forward?

First, we reject our overdependency upon centralized behaviorist/operant conditioning engagement plan.

Secondly, we mark, toughen, facilitate and possess a superb time the solid sense of self-determinism by the individual. The level of hobby and commitment are on authentically collaborating with the individual on their phrases. A wholesome interior locus of preserve watch over is developed by identifying and scaffolding upon the individual’s queer intrinsic motivators. If every person is aware of what play is, and is never, we are in a position to identify intrinsic motivators and respectable engagement patterns and patterns interior patterns. This then turns into the matrix for respectable personalized engagement plan and provides user-generated data to fascinating-tune identification and focal level personalized whine distribution.

Thirdly, monetization alternatives emerge. Via respectable engagement and constructing an interior locus of preserve watch over and self-determinism, alternatives to capitalize on one’s sigh and creativity ensue, because the engagement matrix and identification cloth contribute to the reach of an respectable digital ID. All engagement, from gaming to social to endeavor and beyond, turns into streaming monetization on top of decentralized/disbursed bitcoin. A strong notice-to-notice creator economy emerges. Of us make and pursue what they adore and are really paid to play.

How are these three dreams done? What are the myriad foul-sector functions? Here is however a like a flash synopsis.


Nature’s laborious-wired engagement plan in all animals is now not sport mechanics however play. Play is the first principle of self-generated, self-motivated and self-sustaining engagement plan, whereas gaming and behaviorist plan must now not. These centralized and manipulative designs objectify the user and are basically basically based completely on aim data, neglecting the user’s subjective, warm data. Play is a basic survival drive; the exogenous reward programs and enticements underpinning behaviorist plan and sport mechanics must now not. While gaming is a little facet or subset of play, it’s now not the total of play. And never every person likes video games. Conversely, we’re all subcortically hardwired to play, and every person plays differently. The cosmic joke, the prankish paradox, is that despite our differences and the actual fact all of us play differently, we are in a position to meet and hold thru the languages of play.

Official play is respectable engagement: It is self-generated, self-motivated and self-sustained and disintermediated. Once somebody tries to intermediate or preserve watch over the engagement, it’s now not play, and the quite about a precious outcomes of respectable engagement are lost. If every person is aware of what play is, and what it’s now not, we are in a position to identify interior people their respectable engagement patterns and patterns interior patterns. This then turns into the matrix for respectable personalized engagement plan. Official play engagement is how we identify and make what we opt to cease, what we adore, what we aspire to, and it identifies and develops our intrinsic motivators, drive and grit (all “warm data”).

By suppressing or hijacking salvage entry to to respectable play, a person’s sense of self and interior locus of preserve watch over within the ruin become stunted. They within the ruin possess from any one or about a of the panoply of unfavorable consequences associated with play deprivation, including the plague of psychological sickness. They either isolate into hedonic escapist behaviors or become mindlessly dependent, anxiously chasing extrinsic rewards and exogenous validation. This stunts their moxie, their interior drive, interior locus of preserve watch over, wholesome sense of self, creativity and suppleness. These degraded human potentials are the attributes wanted in robust model to forge the queer being, one’s respectable expression, whereas rising self-adore, which draw and motive and suppleness in a global in elephantine transition. Play foments creativity and evolutionary adaptation.

As an older girl who grew up taking half in on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil within the 60’s and 70’s, I in actuality feel the loss of free, respectable play in our culture. Play has been hi there-jacked and sublimated by intermediaries, leading to a elephantine loss in respectable engagement, which draw and motive, social expertise, creativity and field-solving, and community-constructing. Thanks to standardized performance testing, centralized media, extrinsic reward programs and other exogenous measurements, our formative years grew up valued for his or her conformist performance, and now not who they were intrinsically supposed to become. We can repair this thru recreating a disintermediated global engagement plan on Bitcoin.

An older, pre-retirement, prolonged-distance truck driver who lost his job to FSD semi-trucks is now not the comparable because the low self-adore young girl who anxiously seeks exogenous validation thru objectifying herself. But each can maybe recreate their selves in a means that works for them. Nevertheless, this is hard to enact after we lack the instruments, insights, methodologies and supportive community to cease so, specifically after we’ve been dependent, uncritical, fiat-pondering conformists all our lives, and gear is eating legacy jobs. With warm data built-in into decentralized and personalized respectable engagement plan, “Bitcoin can repair this,” too.

The price and invention right here contain the draw, methodologies, designs and myriad functions for identifying and scaffolding upon a queer individual’s intrinsic motivators as a matrix for personalized, intrinsically motivated, respectable engagement plan and a self-sovereign identification adaptable to emergent decentralized/disbursed programs. The engagement profile/play character is a dynamic composition of play habits patterns which is able to be collated from IRL and on-line thru many draw, relying upon its field. No two other people are the comparable or hold the comparable draw. The composition and weight of engagement patterns are endless, so each profile/play character is queer. One is now not inherently greater than the opposite. It’s valid diversified, as nature intended. Nature loves selection.

The queer intrinsic engagement profile/play character would be collated for each queer individual dynamically, from starting up to primitive age, and feeble as their avatars and/or dopplegangers. An straight recognizable and decipherable graphic icon can sing the composition of play character/engagement profile for each queer individual so one other person straight is aware of the vogue to attune and uniquely hold with rising nuance, empathy and respect. Every of us can sing our acquire imprint and wear and command it proudly. Products, products and companies and experiences would be curated to the queer individual in relate that marketing and advertisement cease now not manipulate customers by asking them to contort themselves however as an replacement attune with their innate proclivities to authentically hold. Legacy marketing protocols are flipped, validating the queer person on their phrases, and offering added mark in an respectable system. We deindustrialize our training programs, and our formative years become blessed with personalized studying alternatives diagnosed, driven and scaffolded by their acquire intrinsic pursuits and respectable engagement.

Of explicit repeat: On account of play states, adore sleep states (each play and sleep are basic survival drives), can now be biometrically diagnosed, optimal respectable engagement alternatives would be personalized and designed to each queer user derived by their biometric data (e.g., non-addictive gaming personalized for optimal play states with endless health and performance-associated outcomes).

The myriad functions of this new engagement plan are straight aligned with emergent identification within the decentralized/disbursed metaverse and possess sizable foul-sector functions, including hyper-personalization in advertising and whine supply, ML/AI, AR/VR, IoT, gaming, social media, preventive medication, training and so rather more. Basically this is at threat of be a plan that without jam migrates across all sectors.


When the measurement of performance dreams (cold extrinsic data) become more valuable than the inherent joy and attunement hide in an activity (warm intrinsic data), we have lost respectable engagement and the transformational recreative energy of play. The activity turns into work. Creativity is lost. Self-sustainability, non-public company and possession/accountability are diminished.

By integrating personalized respectable engagement plan into Bitcoin’s superstructure/social protocols, the advantages and dreams we aspire to can become the unintended outcomes. It’s a prankish paradox. Nevertheless, this is nature’s plan. If humans are to live sustainably and joyfully, it’s going to be ours as properly.

“All possess the inherent unbiased valid to become sovereign of the self — now not completely in physique and thoughts, however in soul, for any authority that is allowed to rule over you, does so by taking a portion of who you no doubt are.” — Dan Thomas

Here is a visitor publish by Kristen Cozad. Opinions expressed are completely their acquire and cease now not essentially mirror those of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.

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