Interview: Combating For Freedom With Zuby

Interview: Combating For Freedom With Zuby. Freedom fighter and musician Zuby joined the “Bitcoin Journal Podcast” to focus on about sovereignty and lessons realized from COVID-19 lockdowns.

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Within the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, worldwide locations all the way thru the globe cracked down on their populations, forcing them to preserve interior their properties and closing down companies from operating in most cases. Assorted worldwide locations and political constructions reacted to these lockdowns in varied systems. Most worldwide locations found themselves spiraling into an increasing selection of totalitarian rule as the lockdowns persisted. Advise powers contain expanded their identify and weren’t letting it stir, many instances in spite of whether or no longer threats were real or perceived.

In this interview with Bitcoin Journal’s Christian Keroles, the thinker, musician, writer and freedom fighter Zuby dove into his experiences and learnings from 2020 within the U.Okay. This podcast used to be inspired by Zuby’s Twitter thread: ​​”20 Issues I’ve Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity Within the midst of The ‘Pandemic.‘”

This interview dove into quite lots of Zuby’s learnings and teased out topics round propaganda, big govt’s overreach, the voice of the usual person and a variety of extra deep and nuanced topics. Zuby is such a transparent thinker and speaker, he has built his status on his uncooked and unfiltered commentary on the enviornment and the persona of humanity. Within the interview, Zuby expressed hope for folk that can well birth taking into consideration critically and shared his thankfulness for tools and practices that can well support assemble a person extra sovereign and independent.

Zuby has been partial to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies while restful asserting a rather pessimistic opinion on the expertise’s capacity to reach the plenty or contain the wide-reaching effects that many Bitcoin followers peep in it. Within the interview, Zuby admitted that 2020 has validated Bitcoin to a much better stage, on the opposite hand he restful pushed back that it is no longer a remedy-all solution.

Please revel in this wide-ranging dialog with Zuby!

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