Mathieu Simoneau Is TikTok’s Favourite Male Model

Being a mannequin can also merely seem completely glamorous—have the overall free garments and global trail!—but at the pause of the day, it’s a job exact esteem every other. On TikTok, male mannequin Mathieu Simoneau is aiming to demystify stereotypes by providing an unfiltered, within the aid of-the-scenes glance at what a day within the life of a mannequin in actuality looks to be like esteem (alongside side the staunch, the unhappy, and the unsightly).

Simoneau is a prime Korean-Canadian male mannequin who, at 20 years historical, has already walked for Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Jeremy Scott. He started posting on the app in April final three hundred and sixty five days, and he already has over 980,000 followers. “With modeling, it’s traditional for models to submit their work on Instagram; It would per chance be considered as the social media model of your portfolio,” says Simoneau.“I believed it couldn’t wound to submit my work on TikTok as smartly. I had seen that there became an absence of runway models growing sigh material on the app.”

TikTok: Courtesy of @mathieusimoneau

One of Simoneau’s most smartly-liked TikTok series is when he shares what he became eager in while strolling on the runway (it has ranged from “don’t snicker,” to “I will’t stare upon all”). “It became inspired by a constructing the set aside athletes made movies about what they thought all over their competitions, so I transferred that over to modeling,” Simoneau says of the series. He also progressively shares what a day within the life looks to be like esteem all over vogue month or on a shoot. “Videos of models strolling on the runway are cool, but the deepest touch of what I’m thinking, or the within the aid of the curtain course of, offers a special dimension,” he says. “I’ve it’s extra relaxing.”

Below, Simoneau talks about his model, what his favorite show to stroll in has been as a lot as now, and what video belief he’ll take care of subsequent.

What’s your course of for growing TikToks? The set aside function you accumulate tips?

Regularly the inspiration for the films involves me extremely effortlessly. Final summer season, there became a “Vogue boom” the set aside folk were sharing their finest photos with the Vogue imprint edited in. This constructing became especially easy for me, on fable of I exact extinct photos Vogue Italia took of me—easy on my piece. Utterly different cases, I exact have about what folk ought to peek: a correct system of telling what folk ought to peek is to read the feedback on my movies. Usually, I’ll accumulate movies straight away responding to a count on a follower posted on one of my movies. One other component I function is browse the app and gaze what other creators are doing.

TikTok: Courtesy of @mathieusimoneau

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How would you record your model?

I would record my model as a combine of avant-garde, clothier, classic, and casual garments. I know that’s roughly a copout, on fable of that’s esteem any genres of garments, but after I ought to dress good, I’ll wear avant-garde/clothier but basically I’m bumming round in cushty garments. I store for a lot of of my garments on SSENSE and Grailed.

What’s doubtlessly the most special piece for your closet?

The most special piece in my closet is a shirt from Dsquared on fable of it has my name imprinted on the aid, so it’s habitual. It also came with the sweetest handwritten unusual from the Dsquared personnel.

TikTok: Courtesy of @mathieusimoneau

We esteem that you just provide a exact, within the aid of-the-scenes glance at the modeling world. What’s the supreme false influence about the job?

Folk have that models accumulate to prefer the overall garments they wear on the runway and for shoots. This could by no intention happen, on fable of we are modeling garments that is now not going to come out for 6 to 18 months from the shoot date. To be lawful, if I became a garments imprint, I wouldn’t belief a personnel of 17 to 23 three hundred and sixty five days historical’s with my unreleased series both. No longer to level out that giving most of these outfits will more than likely be giving freely thousands of bucks.

TikTok: Courtesy of @mathieusimoneau

What’s been your favorite show to stroll in as a lot as now?

Every show is habitual in every system, so I don’t know the plot I will be succesful of also very smartly be ready to gather a favorite, but I know that doubtlessly the most memorable show for me will repeatedly be my first show, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, for plunge 2018. It became my first show, and it became so high profile. I made positive to soak in every moment of that abilities. I became a high school junior and strolling for Calvin Klein—I needed to sneak out of French class to grab selfies to send to my agency. The scale of the show, the different models that were in it, the blueprint, and the celebrities that attended became almost overwhelming for me.

What’s the key to a correct runway stroll?

My agent drilled me on my stroll for hours before my first casting—it also helps that I naturally stroll very immediate and have a suggest resting face. I’ve the key to a correct runway stroll is now not to have it too onerous. There are key aspects esteem pace, facial expression, and route that repeatedly will have to be centered on, but making an strive to manipulate every ingredient of your stroll would per chance perhaps end up in an ungainly efficiency. For runway models, after a season the stroll is something that comes naturally and is esteem a swap that would per chance be turned on or off.

TikTok: Courtesy of @mathieusimoneau

We esteem your series, “What I’ve about on the runway.” What’s been the craziest/funniest component you presumably can also merely have thought about while strolling?

Potentially my first show: As I became strolling down the runway, I arrived at the precious piece the set aside the cameras are filming, and I became very unprepared for what I became met with. As an different of 1 or 2 cameras, I became met with a wall of as a minimum 20 cameras; it’s far surreal seeing the quantity of photographers and tripods meshing together to model its have entity. I had no belief which cameras my sight ought to nonetheless be having a sight at and had a mini horror assault. I selected the center one as a wager and it ended up being the lawful one, it’s been my rule ever since.

What has been your most viral video, and why function you have it went viral?

Segment 3 of the “what I’ve about on the runway” series is my most viral video with 11 million views, closely adopted by (and would per chance be surpassed by) the within the aid of the curtain video of Dior SS22. I’ve these movies slide viral on fable of it offers a extra grounded insight into the sector of modeling. Videos of models strolling on the runway are cool, but the deepest touch of what I’m thinking, or the within the aid of the curtain course of offers a special dimension, I’ve it’s extra relaxing.

TikTok: Courtesy of @mathieusimoneau

What’s your favorite TikTok of all time? And which one took you the longest?

My favorite TikTok I’ve ever made can also very smartly be the Paris vogue week day within the life of a mannequin, on fable of I had been making an strive to point out my followers what a capability week day looks to be like esteem with no end in sight—a number of shows that overlap one one more in in some unspecified time in the future is exact an instance of how worrying it ought to accumulate. The one who took me the longest became the Dior within the aid of the curtain, on fable of I needed to film a number of takes of almost every part and collect photos from other models to assemble into one video.

What’s the next large belief you esteem to prefer to are attempting on TikTok?

I ought to again out a TikTok with my mannequin friends that shows off the camaraderie of the personnel of runway models. There’s finest about a hundred boys that are strolling runway shows, so we pause up working with one one more consistently and develop to be friends with one one more. I also ought to again out it on fable of it’s so silly to peek a personnel of models hangout, on fable of we are all constructed the same: a personnel of thirty 6’1 to 6’3 boys looks to be like silly no topic how progressively I gaze it.

TikTok: Courtesy of @mathieusimoneau

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