Natasha Zinko x Duoltd Spring 2022 Amazing Menswear

There became quite a bit to unpack in this sequence by Natasha and Ivan Zinko. There: that’s purchased the obvious gag out of the vogue.

On our Zoom Natasha said the sphere theme emerged from the overload of packaged items that she, fancy so many participants, have purchased throughout this length of file revenues for Amazon. Alongside with Ivan she then thought of the unboxing videos which will more than likely be so successful on YouTube, the fun of unwrapping, and the relationships between the packaging in which so many dresses are transported and the opposite folks those dresses discontinuance up packaging.

The following pointers led to a sequence neatly stacked with boxy shoulders, boxy pants, a boxy denim mini and lots more field-brought boxiness in silhouette. Boxes have been literally extinct sooner than, whether by Kendall Jenner at Moschino or by Flight of the Conchords or many others, but this became a fun riff on the theme of packaging, of pondering outdoor the you-know-what. For those disinclined to grab the danger of being bundled exact into a fulfillment center and dispatched to who-is conscious of-the set apart, Zinko stressed out that the pieces are as wearable with out their field “crinolines” as with.

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