Saints’ Alvin Kamara being sued for $10 million after alleged Las Vegas battery

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara was arrested in February in Las Vegas for battery resulting in substantial bodily harm. The NFL has not punished him for the incident that transpired during the weekend of the 2022 Pro Bowl and the battery case has been delayed, but Kamara is facing a new lawsuit related to the event.

The victim of the alleged battery, Darnell Greene Jr., is suing Kamara, and seeking $10 million in damages, according to a lawsuit, obtained by The lawsuit includes images of Greene trying to “run away and escape Kamara,” Greene lying unconscious on the casino floor and images of the injuries he sustained. 

In the lawsuit, Greene claims that Kamara blocked him from entering the elevator of a Las Vegas nightclub, and then “shoved Greene into a wall and repeatedly punched him in the face.” When Greene tried to escape the attack, Kamara allegedly chased him down to continue the attack.

According to an incident report filed by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police that was obtained by, Kamara punched Greene about eight times. The new lawsuit claims Kamara then got into an SUV with friends and said, “I connected with the (expletive’s) jaw so hard.”

The lawsuit also claims a friend told Kamara afterward: “You trippin bruh, you can’t be doing sh– like that. All you gotta do is be like aye.”

Kamara then reportedly responded: “I know bro, but you know I can’t stop.”

Greene says he sustained injuries to his neck, back, shoulder, knees and an orbital bone fracture along with other facial injuries. In an interview with police, Kamara claimed Greene called one of his friends ugly. The original report claimed Kamara put his hand on Greene’s chest to stop him from walking into the elevator, and that he pushed his hand off of him. Greene was then pushed, and then a punch was thrown. 

Surveillance video obtained by police reportedly shows that Kamara did not throw the first punch. But once it came to fisticuffs, Kamara allegedly joined in. Video also reportedly shows Kamara punching the victim on the ground while the three other suspects joined and stomped on Greene. The lawsuit he filed cites a police report, which says the victim did not hit, punch or push Kamara or any of the other men present. 

All four men involved in the incident face charges of conspiracy to commit battery and battery with substantial bodily harm, according to 

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