5 Great Sleep Apps

5 Great Sleep Apps

Sleep apps are scientifically designed to offer you an honest night’s sleep. They’re easy to use and contain diverse features to settle on from and experiment with, which is what we are recommended to try to to when biohacking.
They are crafted specifically to calm your brainwaves and make a soothing experience that helps you drift into restful sleep. Optimally, it’ll help maintain restful sleep throughout the night.
Sleep apps typically offer you a choice of audio recordings of soothing sounds that calm the brain and induce sleep. These include the sound of sentimental rain, ocean waves, wind rustling through trees and other nature sounds. Some apps offer guided meditation, noise, and various ambient sounds.
Some apps also offer a good range of relaxing classical and contemporary music so there’s something for all tastes and
preferences. It’s fun to experiment with these different sounds and find those that best hack your sleep.
Other features include:
1. Dashboards that display sleep patterns and percentage of quality sleep. Some apps can even measure snoring.
2. If you’re artistically inclined, apps like Recolor allow you to make brain-relaxing artwork. you’re given a selected color palette designed to calm anxiety and promote sleep.
3. variety of apps contain hypnosis tracks to calm and relax the brain.
4. Some contain alarms to assist you synchronize short naps during the day.
Popular apps on the market include Sleep Cycle, Pillow, Digipill, Recolor and Sleep Time. Most sleep apps are free for both android and iPhones. Those with more sophisticated features range from $3 to $9.99.
Helpful tip: noise, generally, may be a great sleep-inducer and various studies back this up. It keeps your brainwaves steady helps maintain asleep all night. If you select to not use a sleep app, you’ll easily access noise with a lover. A ceiling fan or a daily fan will work equally well. Simply keep it on all night. The sound will lull you to sleep and therefore the consistent whirring will help sleep deeply throughout the night.
Try out a few of the free apps ones first. If you enjoy using it and obtain good results, great! If not, you haven’t needlessly wasted any money.

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